6th Annual Business Transformation 2017

“New Zealand’s growth rate could double between now and 2035 if emerging technologies are embraced.” *

Technology continues to redefine the business landscape, enabling organisations to up the ante on transformation. The back office is changing - the growing uptake of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Internet of Things, Data Analytics are empowering heads of transformation, to move from the realm of incremental improvement. Cutting waste and staggered change is no longer the way, leaders need to embrace cutting edge technology to grow value add and ensure that they are not left behind.

With the growing technology footprint in shared services centres and centres of excellence the challenge is:


Integrating new systems


Reskilling staff


Keeping up the momentum of change

The 6th Annual Business Transformation will bring together transformation leaders from various sectors and different phases of change to discuss strategies, lessons learnt and big wins. Some of the case studies featured will highlight projects driven by:


Shared services and outsourcing


Process excellence


Robotic Process Automation


Data Analytics




Artificial Intelligence

Key Topics Being Discussed


Exploring a bottom-up approach to transformation: From the frontline to the top


Leveraging Robotic Process Automation to Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs


Reskilling the Workforce for the Future of Work


Outsourcing Vs. Automation


Discussing Strategies for Continuous Improvement


Data Driven Decision Making


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Why Attend in 2017?

Over 25 interactive expert sessions delivered by leading professionals will provide you with the opportunity to share, learn and network with your peers to gain insights that will enable you to:

Avoid common pitfalls when launching your shared services and business transformation project.

Improve process design to gain greater process and operational efficiency.

Develop a shared services and business transformation culture to gain stakeholder buy-in and drive your organisational culture into the new business paradigm.

Move up the value chain from being a service provider to a strategic business partner.

Business Transformation NZ has been designed to share best practice examples of how leading businesses are improving their operational agility by:


Identifying the most efficient operating structure, through shared services, automation, outsourcing and offshoring, to maximise productivity, reduce costs and improve agility.


Leveraging analytics to maximize the value from back office data, and use it to support strategic decision making.


Reducing cost, creating efficiency and cutting waste through business improvement, process innovation, standardization and consolidation.


Enhancing the performance of employees rather than relying on expensive technology upgrades by utilising effective change management, recruitment, senior management buy-in and developing a high performance culture.

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